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Railay Bay Resort & Spa Facilities

Railay Bay Resort & Spa Facilities

Other facilities include internet and mini-mart, although not part of the resort the internet-café is very close only a five minute walk from the reception desk, the rates are 3Bt a minute and the café is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm.
 The mini-mart is located right beside the internet-café as a matter of fact they are in the same building, open from 7:00am to 10:00pm you can purchase anything from alcoholics beverages to swimming suits.


Railay Restaurant is one of the most recommend specialty restaurants at Railay beach. The restaurant is situated in the west where one can find the most popular hot spots in all of Railay Beach. There is no doubt that a variety of different age groups can find this a satisfying hang out. Our delightful Railay Restaurant offers lunch and dinner, while you have the opportunity to take in the view of the pristine white sand beach. At our Sun Set Bar you’ll experience this incredible view and have the chance to meet new friends.

If you desire a romantic place to sit and view the ethereal sunset, we recommend that you consider having dinner in our fine restaurant. We serve Thai specialty dishes, grilled fresh seafood, Chinese food, Western dishes, and pizza. Healthy salads and a vegetarian menu are also available. In addition, fresh pressed fruit juices will provide satisfying refreshment.


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